Monday, February 16, 2015

Pearl Jam March Madness: The Wonderful One-Twenty-Eight, Division 2

Does Rodman have the chops to take Black Red Yellow over Corduroy?  Can Olympic Platinum get the gold over Sometimes?  Maybe these puns Bug you.  Maybe they're Not For You.  Only voting can eliminate songs and make them Hard to Imagine.

Smile vs. Betterman
Corduroy vs. Black Red Yellow
Who You Are vs. Spin the Black Circle
In My Tree vs. Deadman
Not for You vs. Bugs
Long Road vs. Happy When I'm Crying
Habit vs. Hard to Imagine
Whipping vs. Off He Goes
Hail Hail vs. Around the Bend
Present Tense vs. Red Mosquito
Immortality vs. Lukin
Olympic Platinum vs. Sometimes
I've Got Id vs. Sunburn
Tremor Christ vs. I'm Open
Nothingman vs. Gremmie Out of Control
Last Exit vs. Satan's Bed

How do I vote?