Monday, February 9, 2015

New Round of Pearl Jam March Madness

We have started narrowing down March Madness to a more manageable 128 songs.  Who will still be standing when March begins?  Only you can say.  Vote now!

Cropduster vs. Foldback
I Am Mine vs. In the Moonlight
Push Me/Pull Me vs. Parting Ways
MFC vs. Hummus
Of the Girl vs. All or None
Faithful vs. Nothing As It Seems (demo)
Thin Air vs. Undone
Low Light vs. Green Disease
Drifting vs. Grievance
Insignificance vs. Don't Believe in Christmas
Someday at Christmas vs. Thumbing My Way
All Those Yesterdays vs. Down
Other Side vs. Man of the Hour
Puzzles & Games vs. Get Right
Thunderclap vs. Nothing As It Seems
Given to Fly vs. Anything In Between
Lukin vs. Mankind
Leaving Here vs. Black Red Yellow
Spin the Black Circle vs. Falling Down
Stupid Mop vs. Happy When I'm Crying
Red Mosquito vs. Out of My Mind