Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pearl Jam March Madness: Final Preliminary Round

You have one more round to vote in before we're down to a more manageable, 64 song, tournament.  Let's see how the next round shapes up.

Rival vs. Hitchhiker
Whale Song vs. Do the Evolution
Love Boat Captain vs. Help Help
In Hiding vs. Pilate
Wishlist vs. 4/20/02
Breakerfall vs. Ghost
Save You vs. Gods' Dice
Sleight of Hand vs. Bu$hleaguer
Evacuation vs. Brain of J
Light Years vs. U
Arc vs. Strangest Tribe
Harmony vs. Can't Keep
No Way vs. Soon Forget
Fatal vs. 1/2 Full
Last Kiss vs. You Are
Leatherman vs. Education