Friday, February 13, 2015

Pearl Jam March Madness: The Wonderful One-Twenty-Eight, Divisions 1 & 3

Can we still call it "Madness" if it's slightly less mad by the time we get to March?  Maybe the madness is from fans who didn't vote, but are angry that their favorite song didn't make the cut.  Don't let that be you!  Here's how the first 16 match-ups of the 128 shapes up.

Animal vs. Footsteps
Rearviewmirror vs. Why Go
Oceans vs. Glorified G
Breath vs. Wash
Indifference vs. Deep
Once vs. Yellow Ledbetter
Daughter vs. Garden
Jeremy vs. Blood
Release vs. Sonic Reducer
Alive vs. Leash
Elderly Woman vs. Crazy Mary
Go vs. Rats
State of Love and Trust vs. Dirty Frank
Even Flow vs. Cready Stomp
Black vs. Hold On
Porch vs. Brother

How do I vote?