Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All That's Sacred, Episode #8

Episode #8 is now available.

Episode #8 is all about “You” and hopefully will provide some entertaining listening as you refresh the 10C site endlessly in the next day or two!

As always, thanks for all the great comments and suggestions – keep ‘em coming! I particularly welcome ideas for podcast #10 where I plan on playing TEN in its entirety, in order, and comprised of live tracks culled from the last 19 years. So I need ideas. What are the best live versions of the songs on TEN in your opinion? I also was wondering what the interest was in hearing covers of Pearl Jam songs on the podcast from either other known artists or fans of the band who are musicians themselves. I’ve had this idea suggested and I am sitting on the fence right now so convince me for or against it. Contact me via email or Facebook or leave a comment on this post. Thanks again!

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