Friday, July 24, 2009

Tonight: GrungeFest in Nashville, TN

According to the Nashville Scene, you can get your fix of "Pearl Jam," "Soundgarden," "Alice in Chains," and "Rage Against the Machine" at Cannery Ballroom, Friday night (7/24/2009) at 9pm.

For fans of the ’90s grunge movement, there is probably no greater moment in the history of recorded music than Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike.” The song, which showcasedEddie Vedder and Chris Cornell out-wailing each other in a blood-and-thunder tribute to fallen Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood, is the “American Pie” for the flannel-clad generation. Of course, the glory days of grunge hit the wall when Kurt Cobain put a shotgun in his mouth, pulled the trigger and blew CandleboxSeven Mary Three and Bush out the back of his head, effectively ending an era. For those of you who still hunger for the sounds of Seattle, 102.9 The Buzz’s Grungestock fest will feature tribute bands Ten (Pearl Jam), Badmotorfinger (Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog), Facelift (Alice in Chains) and Nashville’s one-and-only all-female tribute to Rage Against the Machine, Take the Power Back. Why this is a “stock” festival as opposed to a “palooza” is anyone’s guess. 
I am seriously considering the 8 hour drive tomorrow just to see an all-female tribute to Rage Against the Machine!