Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stone Gossard Radio Interviews

Stone called into 104.5 FM in Philadelphia to talk about The Fixer and Backspacer.  It's ... um ... y'know ... like ... a little more, ... um ... clear why Stone isn't always the ... like ... media face of the band.  You can listen to the interview here, or you can read my weak-ass summary of hot points.

On "pop elements" in The Fixer and Backspacer:

I think the band definitely progressed and did some things we haven’t done before.  When people talk about “pop” I think it’s about a simplicity of melody and a simplicity of arrangement that doesn’t over complicate a good idea or a great lyric.  I think the Fixer is a great example.  You really hear something about Eddie’s personality in the lyric and you get a view that a lot of people don’t get from him which is a sort of optimistic and playful melody and lyric.

We’ve made a couple of political and pointed records, the last two in particular, and just to move away from that is great, because it allows you to go back to that when you need to and it refreshes everybody, and it comes down to a beat and a melody and your friends and a lyric and a poem and something that’s important to you.

This record has a lot of things that are very different from The Fixer, it’s got some beautiful Ed ballads that are reminiscent of the Into The Wild Soundtrack as well as some really great rockers.


On album leaks,

I’m surprised it hasn’t leaked yet.  That’s the shock.  You don’t want to have people hearing a leaked version as a first source.  It’s inevitable that those things happen.  I don’t spend much time stressing about it.

What's going on with Brad and your solo work?

Brad has got their feelers out toward each other.  There is speculation that we’re going to do some more dates.  I know we have a record that we finished last year, that we’ve kinda been figuring out when to put out and where.  I would keep an eye on the Pearl Jam website and look onto my page, and if there is any new Brad stuff, you’ll hear it first there.

I like making records.  Sure.  That was eight years ago, so I’m always recording and doing stuff.  I can imagine doing some touring maybe with Brad and doing some songs by myself.

UPDATE: Let me add a Stone Gossard interview on 103.9FM (Phoenix).

Thanks CoMaToSeD for the catch.

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