Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Fixer Creeps Into Our World

First, a repost from TwoFeetThick:

Kat doesn’t say much else in this Message Pit post, but she doesn’t need to:

Catch “The Fixer” the new single from Pearl Jam on tonight’s broadcast of the MLB All Star Game on Fox, 8pm ET

HOME RUN!  So tune in to the Major League Baseball All-Star baseball game on your local Fox channel tonight, 8 Eastern, 5 Pacific and you will be able to hear PJ’s new single “The Fixer”…what smart exposure!

There will be a webcast of the game, perhaps available here.

Thanks BKS for once again hitting it out of the park.

UPDATE:  Alan Cross at ExploreMusic.com had a listen to The “Fixer”, and had this to say:

The Obama Administration has done wonders for Eddie Vedder’s mood.  He sounds…happy.  I mean, Beach Boys happy. The new Pearl Jam single, “The Fixer,” can only be described as a windows down, radio up summer drivin’ song.  The first fifteen seconds sounds like a cousin to “Worldwide Suicide,” but then it shifts into this, er, joyful gear where Eddie seems positively gleeful. 

The chorus (“If I could get it back again/Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”) is singalong stuff, right down to the piano (!?!  At least I think it’s a piano.  Or it could be some kind of tightly-strung steel-stringed instrument) and the cowbell. 
Yes, Pearl Jam has added more cowbell.By the time the song faded away after two minutes and fifty-five seconds, I was initially left with a “What the hell was THAT?” feeling.  It’s still Pearl Jam—but an optimistic, post-Dubya one. “The Fixer” will be released to radio on Monday.  The album, Backspacer, is scheduled for September 21 (but that could change).

Second, a post from Tom Tomorrow's blog:

The slow reveal

Since this is up on the Pearl Jam site now in the form of a pre-order for a 7-inch white vinyl single (click on CD/DVD/Vinyl), I guess I can feature a better look at it here as well. Keep in mind, this is only one small piece of the actual CD/album cover* — I didn’t spend close to six months working on this one image …!

*and slightly altered at that.

… adding: it’s a little weird, watching this cover begin to sneak out into the world in bits and pieces. This is like hearing the first three or four bars of a song — there’s much more to come, and I wish I could show you the whole thing. It’s a very cool package, the product of a long, intensive collaboration, and I’m really quite proud of it. This image alone is just a hint…

posted by Tom Tomorrow at 5:51 PM | link

Tom Tomorrow ain't kidding.  The slow reveal.  The release of Backspacer is going to drive hardcore Pearl Jam fans up a wall.

The discussion continues here!