Saturday, July 18, 2009

Questions About Pearl Jam's Ticket Prices

Although Digital City only asks the question, "Are Pearl Jam tickets too expensive?" in this article, the implied answer appears to be, "yes."

Moody '90s grunge act Pearl Jam are back on tour selling ticketsthrough their former enemy Ticketmaster, although during the feud, it was Rainbow Ticketmaster. With accusations of a Ticketmaster/Live Nation monopoly, do they really have a choice, especially considering their age and the lack of youthful rebellion?

The tour is in support of their new album 'Backspacer' out Sept. 20 which the only place outside of an indie record store or fan club is at behemoth retailer Target. With tickets at $66 for their Chicago and Seattle shows and $75 for the LA shows, has Pearl Jam completely sold out? And that's before a $12 service charge in addition to online ordering fees. It's enough to make an elderly woman behind the counter In a small town scream.

The tour kicks off in Canada on August 8 with a few dates in Europe before bringing their pearls and jam to the U.S. starting with those pricey shows in in Chicago before heading to Seattle and then California. For a full set of Pearl Jam tour dates, check out Tour Tracker.

One of the nostalgic story lines of the tour is that Pearl Jam will be the last sounds the historic Spectrum Arena will hear. After Pearl Jam's Oct. 28-30 dates, the Philadelphia landmark will be demolished. Tickets for those shows are $77.

Hearts and thoughts, they fade away...

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