Saturday, July 4, 2009

Philadelphia/Australia Announcement Coming

Sea at the Pit recommends you get your 10C membership up to date this weekend for a tour announcement concerning Philly and Oz.  Of course, we already knew about Australia.

As the sun was setting in the west, we had a visit from a little birdie who seemed like he was in a great hurry.

“Where are you going?” we asked. He said, “I have to pack my bags and saddle up my horse.”

“Birds have bags?” we questioned.

With eyes wide the bird stared at us stupefied for a few minutes and then said, “Tweet!”

“Just be sure your fan club memberships/addresses are up to date by July 7 at midnight PT.” said the bird as he flew off heading east tweeting “mmmm Cheesesteaks, and soon Vegemite … tweet”