Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Ambitious Tribute

60 Days of Pearl Jam?  So, says Charles Peelle of the Indianapolis Pop Culture Examiner.  I've been your humble blogger since April, and I can tell you, it's a big under taking.  I can also tell you, I ain't postin' all 60 articles on  

Monday saw the release of "The Fixer," the lead single from Pearl Jam's upcoming ninth album, "Backspacer," due out September 20th. In celebration of the new PJ, I am going to work my way back through the hugely influential band's glorious catalogue and rank their songs, albums, live moments, etc.

I will attempt to pay tribute to the greatest band of this generation every day, and if I happen to miss one or two, I promise to make up for it. If any of my readers are unfamiliar or only vaguely familiar with the band, my wish is to provide an introduction to the band and demonstrate why their following is so devoted, why their shows continue to sell out and why they were voted by USA Today readers as the greatest American band of all time.

 To begin, I am going to rank and review all of Pearl Jam's original songs, in descending order of course. This list will exclude anything released under any name other than Pearl Jam, hidden tracks (with one sole exception), solo material and songs from "Backspacer." It will include cover songs recorded in the studio and released to the public, such as "Crazy Mary" and "Love Reign O'er Me." We begin with the bottom ten, the lowest of the low for the best of the best.

Maybe when Mr. Peelle is done ranking all 162 Pearl Jam songs, we'll post a summary for you up here, but (I haven't reminded you in a while) I'm lazy, so I promise nothing.  In the meantime, try using Charles Peelle's RSS Feed to follow his updates, and ...

... the discussion continues here.