Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Brad Album in April?

Shawn Smith went on a bit of a tweet-fest last night.
Puttin the final stamp on the new Brad record next week. I started workin on it in Nov 2010. Whew.
"@Big_MARKR: @theeshawnsmith very awesome, will it be available to buy in stores?" YES
"@benzillauk: @theeshawnsmith that's one long recording process!! Have Brad gone prog?!!" Quite the opposite.Studio time was just spread out
"@MartinBotting: @theeshawnsmith Can you reveal the title yet or is it a trade secret?" I can't reveal the title yet, couple weeks...
"@giventofly_0 @theeshawnsmith Any idea when it will see the light of day, Shawn?" Sometimes it snows in APRIL:-)
That leaves Stone free to be in the studio with Pearl Jam in March to work on Pearl Jam's tenth album due out [by my estimation] May 22nd.