Monday, December 19, 2011

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2011, #10

With 2011 being declared the official year of Pearl Jam’s Twentieth Anniversary, fans expected all sorts of awesome this year.  Most of it was laid out early on in an e-mail from the Ten Club.  We weren’t really expecting a Pearl Jam-themed beer, but thanks to some advocacy by Pearl Jam’s biggest fans, Dogfish Head Brewing Company had an announcement for us.

Faithfull Ale is a Belgian-style golden ale with “Ten” additions of black currants that pays tribute to the "fruit-forward, aggressive pinot noirs and Mexican lagers" that members of Pearl Jam drink while on stage.  Reviews have been mixed, but there is no doubt that some sales are driven by collectors hoping to prop their empties up on a shelf next to their Vitalogy whiskey bottles.