Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2011, #7

Coordinated with the release of Pearl Jam Twenty the movie, Pearl Jam released a book and a soundtrack with the same name. Both were created with significant input from the band and Cameron Crowe and are designed to pair perfectly with the movie. The soundtrack sets the mood, and the book will hit all the details that wouldn't fit in a two-hour movie.

The book, compiled by Jonathan Cohen with Mark Wilkerson, but technically written by Pearl Jam, is the most comprehensive collection of Pearl Jam information and artwork to date. It contains a forward by Cameron Crowe, and includes interviews with Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, and yes … the band members as well.  As I’m typing this, the book is for sale on Amazon for $20.  There’s really no reason to not get yourself a copy.

The soundtrack contains an exciting collection of rare and unreleased tracks curated by Cameron Crowe.  Though all the songs but one, the gorgeous Acoustic #1, were Pearl Jam songs that had been previously released in one form or another, the collection plays very well, and demonstrates Crowe’s love of the band.

Maybe even more exciting than the album itself was the experiment in social marketing that Pearl Jam used to release the soundtrack's setlist.  The album tracks were announced by sending fans on a worldwide scavenger hunt, hiding each track name in a different local from Seattle to Thailand.  Not only were fans everywhere taking to the streets, but Twitter was lit up with 59 million tweets containing the hashtag #PJ20.