Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Song Lyric Tournament Matches 89-96: Vote 12/7-12/11

Matches 89-96: Voting open 12/7-12/11

89. My lips are shaken, my nails are bit off/it's been a month since I've heard myself talk
I am myself, like you somehow

90. I'll swallow poison, until I grow immune/I will scream my lungs out till it fills this room
Tidal waves don't beg forgiveness/crash, then on their way

91. the ocean is full because everyone's crying/the full moon is looking for friends at high tide
No matter how cold the winter, there's a spring time ahead

92. Who made, who made up, made up the myth/That we were born to be covered in bliss?
She knows their future's burning/but she can smile just the same

93. The waiting drove me mad/You're finally here and I'm a mess.
Do no wrong, so clean cut/Dirty his hands, it comes right off

94. I know someday you'll have a beautiful life/I know you'll be a star/ in somebody else's sky,/but why, why, why can't it be/can't it be mine?
All that's sacred comes from youth/Dedications naive and true

95. All the advantage this life's got on me/Picture a cup in the middle of the sea
All five horizons revolved around her soul

96. I've understood feelings and I've understood words/But how could you be taken away?
It's a hopeless situation/ and I'm starting to believe/that this hopeless situation/is what I'm trying to achieve