Monday, December 12, 2011

Pearl Jam Lyric Tournament: Matches 97-104

Matches 97-104: Voting open 12/12-12/14

97. Under your tongue/I'm like a tab/I will give you what you're not supposed to have
Life has nothing to do with killing time

98. I let go of a rope, thinking that's what held me back/now in time I've realized, it's now wrapped around my neck
Standing like a statute/A Chin of stone/A heart of clay

99. It's egg rolling thick and heavy/All this past we carry
And wherever you've gone/and wherever we might go/It don't seem fair/you seemed to like it here

100. I wish I was the verb 'to trust' and never let you down
We were but stones/your light made us stars

101. Let the sun shine and burn away my past/Three days and maybe longer, won't even know I've left
Seek my part/ devote myself/my small self/like a book amongst the many on a shelf

102. Stunned by my own reflection/It's looking back, sees me too clearly
And the young they can lose hope because they can't see beyond today/The wisdom that the old can't give away.

103.They said that timing was everything/made him want to be everywhere/there’s a lot to be said for nowhere
No time to be void, or save up on life/you gotta spend it all

104. I am lost/I am no guide/But I am by your side/I am right by your side
I'm a thief/I'm a liar/There's my church/I sing in the choir