Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 2012 Ten Club Gift

If you are a savvy Pearl Jam fan, you probably caught that the Ten Club changed the benefits of their Analog Membership.  Most benefits stay the same, but instead of the fan club t-shirt that we received last year, members get an "Annual MEMBERSHIP merchandise item."  That item began arriving this week for members who renewed in the first quarter.

A lot of fans were hoping for a new Vault release, but it looks like we're getting something more akin to the Vitalogy Health Club Starter Kit.  The gift includes a sheet of Ten Club themed stickers, a patch, and a mini poster.

4/8/12 EDIT: We found the full list of Analog Membership benefits on the Ten Club website.


    1. the 2011 x-mas single obviously will be late again this year. I think it will be somewhat special considering it's the 20th anniversary and as was 2001 10th anniversary double 7".

    2. In my renewal confirmation e-mail from 10C it mentions Analog members will receive all of the above benefits. Though I don't recall if it said member discounts. The others were in there. FYI.

      1. It would be nice if the fan club could be a little more generous with the analog gift for fans. Considering we pay alot more than digital fans. Perhaps, instead of the cheap Hanes cotton T or a bunch of lame stickers (which I stopped collecting when I was 8), maybe a real gift from the store of our choice each year with a limited value of like 25 bucks. it not only will stop analog members from feeling ripped off, but might ppl become analog from the much cheaper digital route and help clear out old Pearl Jam inventory.

    3. i'm disappointed i'm not getting my t-shirt this year. i probably will never use the stickers or poster whereas i wear last year's t-shirt to death. it's made me reconsider an analogue membership, i feel a bit ripped off too.