Thursday, April 19, 2012

March-ish Madness: Round 2

It's time to vote on the next 16 matches in Red Mosquito's March-ish Madness.  I would usually fire up a few song-related puns, but I Got Shit.  Go vote!

17. All Those Yesterdays vs. Pilate
18. Go vs. Light Years
19. Army Reserve vs. Strangest Tribe
20. Unemployable vs. Tremor Christ
21. Mankind vs. Unthought Known
22. MFC vs. World Wide Suicide
23. I'm Open vs. All or None
24. Rival vs. Whipping
25. Come Back vs. W.M.A.
26. Thumbing my Way vs. Yellow Ledbetter
27. Who You Are vs. Elderly Woman...
28. Around the Bend vs. Undone
29. I Got Shit vs. Sometimes
30. Dissident vs. I Am Mine
31. God's Dice vs. Brain of J
32. In The Moonlight vs. Fatal