Sunday, April 1, 2012

RM March-ish Madness: Round 3

It doesn't look like Barack Around the Clock is going to make it out of the Misc. Bracket, but Leatherman has a chance.  Evil Little Goat does too, but it has to get past Whale Song.  Only you can make it happen.  Vote here on the latest round of Red Mosquito March-ish Madness!

33. Drifting vs. I've Got A Feeling
34. Angel vs. Love Reign O'er Me
35. Let Me Sleep vs. Untitled (I'm Still Here)
36. Soon Forget vs. Brother

37. Arc vs. Sunburn
38. Whale Song vs. Evil Little Goat
39. Other Side vs. Ole
40. Bee Girl vs. Aye Davanita

41. Hold On vs. Last Kiss
42. Master/Slave vs. Happy When I'm Crying
43. Dirty Frank vs. Crazy Mary
44. Golden State vs. U

45. Leaving Here vs. Out of My Mind
46. Thunderclap vs. Wasted Reprise
47. Falling Down vs. Of the Earth
48. Foldback vs. Leatherman