Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sustainable Touring

Check out this great video from Brand Channel where Stone explains how Pearl Jam partners with UPS to improve the sustainability of their tours.  It's essentially a commercial for UPS, but it's also an issues that's always important to Pearl Jam fans.

Above, watch how eco-minded Pearl Jam crafted a sustainable tour with a helping hand from UPS. The partnership, as described the words of the brand:
From stage diving to sustainability. Since their debut 20 years ago, Pearl Jam has evolved from an alternative rock band to a full-scale business. They recently partnered with UPS to devise a transportation strategy and offset the impact of their PJ20 Anniversary Destination Weekend. UPS employed a simple tactic: they used multiple forms of transportation, including rail, instead of semis to move the band's equipment. This helped Pearl Jam reduce a large portion of their carbon output during the PJ20 Destination Weekend. UPS offset the remaining 19 tonnes of carbon by investing in carbon reclamation efforts. The band was so impressed with the results, they're now talking and strategizing with UPS for further solutions to minimize and offset the impact of their tours on the planet.