Monday, April 2, 2012

Eddie Vedder & Jack Johnson

Eddie Vedder joined Jack Johnson on stage in Hawaii to perform Constellations with Jack Johnson. The performance will be included on Johnson's upcoming live album, Best of Kokua Festival.

Jack Johnson spoke about his collaborations with Vedder to
"Over the years the most rewarding part of the festival has been inviting musicians to join us onstage," says Johnson. "We’ve had some amazing collaborations, like when Eddie Vedder and Kawika Kahiapo came up for 'Constellations' and I got to hear Eddie singing over Kawika’s beautiful slack-key guitar playing. Those sit-ins are always my favorite moments, and a huge part of why I love playing music in general. I think it’s the best part of the night for the audience as well."
It's not the first time Vedder and Johnson have teamed up on stage. Here they are collaborating on Soon Forget: