Monday, April 23, 2012

March-ish Madness: Round 3

It's time to go Lukin our forum and start voting on the next round of March-ish Madness.  You Are the only one who can determine the winners.  You'll be Sad when your favorites are Gone if you don't vote.

33. Lowlight vs. Breath
34. Wishlist vs. Parachutes
35. Do the Evolution vs. Wash
36. You are vs. Off he Goes
37. Indifference vs. Habit
38. No Way vs. Evacuation
39. Immortality vs. Push Me/Pull Me
40. Gone vs. Just Breathe
41. Get Right vs. Grievance
42. Sad vs. Faithful
43. Inside Job vs. Even Flow
44. Lukin vs. Footsteps
45. Given to Fly vs. Why Go
46. Of the Girl vs. Not For You
47. Release vs. Smile
48. Blood vs. Betterman