Thursday, April 26, 2012

March-ish Madness: Round 4

Which song will make its Last Exit?  Who will go Down, and who will make it to The End?  Your votes, and your votes Alone, will determine the Man of the Hour.  Head to Red Mosquito to cast your votes in the latest round of March-ish Madness.

49. Last Exit vs. Oceans
50. Johnny Guitar vs. Satan's Bed
51. Porch vs. Sleight of Hand
52. Rats vs. Green Disease
53. Long Road vs. The End
54. Black Red Yellow vs. Insignificance
55. Rearview Mirror vs. Severed Hand
56. Alone vs. Nothingman
57. Cropduster vs. Jeremy
58. Corduroy vs. Got Some
59. Down vs. Ghost
60. Amongst the Waves vs. Save You
61. Can't Keep vs. Nothing As It Seems
62. Man of the Hour vs. Gonna See My Friend
63. Black vs. Big Wave
64. All Night vs. Crazy Mary