Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Soundgarden & Chris Cornell has been gearing up to add Soundgarden & Chris Cornell to the list of bands they cover. That means b-sides, the best quality live shows, and a slew of rare and hard-to-find material. But before they do it, they need your help.

Here's how it goes: as of this post, has 2,055 Facebook fans. They'll unlock the vault on Soundgarden & Chris Cornell once they hit 3,000. That's about 950 more fans. See? They can count. Considering they’ve done a lot for the community, it's a drop in the bucket. So head on over to their Facebook page and become a fan!

Why do they care so much about their Facebook page? For starters goof & gremmie, the site’s proprietors, are shallow and they derive their sense of self-worth from the size of that number. Second, it's a great way for them to get updates to gremmies. Lastly, it has material the website doesn't, like voting, and previews of their comics. So tell your friends and their moms, they love moms.

P.S. - Why haven't you liked The Sky I Scrape/Red Mosquito's Facebook page?  We're lagging a good 1000 likes behind the Gremster.