Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All That's Sacred, Episode #74

There is so much awesome Pearl Jam news coming out this month, that it looks like even Donny, who retired his All That's Sacred podcast several months ago couldn't resist firing up his equipment.

I am extremely excited to say, "Episode #74 is now available."
Still regaining my sea legs here, but glad to be back behind the mic. Since my abrupt, unplanned hiatus from the podcast, I've heard from many of you offering encouragement and inquiring about the future of ATS. Recently I came across an outline I was working on way back when and figured the timing was right to give it another go.

Thanks for the continued interest and support. The year that is PJ20 is off to a promising start and it's my hope that ATS can once again be a place to come together and celebrate the Pearl Jam fan experience.