Sunday, January 30, 2011

Icon of Rock: Matt Cameron

Pearl Jam - 6.23.10 - Belfast

From his 46 second appearance on the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Soundtrack to Soundgarden's latest showcase, Telephantasm, no one has to tell US that Pearl Jam's drummer, Matt Cameron, is an Icon of Rock, but now the world will know thanks to the latest feature by Consequence of Sound.

But what about the wonder drummers, the ones who defy the above point by becoming just as essential as the front person or lead guitarist? The most obvious are John Bonham and Keith Moon, as they both helped create their respective bands’ unmistakable identity, so much so that when they died, so did those bands. Look closer and one can find that there have been a few that have since carried equal weight in their bands and are still going strong. For an example of this, I give you, the mighty Matt Cameron.