Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On a Side Note: Ed Protects Your Hands

The Ten Club has announced Ed's participation in a very odd art project.  Apparently for $100 (+$20 S/H) you can subscribe to Club Hotpad (an "oven mit" of the month club, apparently), and get a hotpad every month designed by a celebrity artist.  It's the kind of kitscy thing that Ranch-N-Roll does:

A company founded by Libby Knudson to sell her furniture. Inspired by her love of all things western and classic American kitsch, she opened a shop at 5106 Fountain in Hollywood California to also feature other artists handmade goods. She also operates a full upholstery shop to help with your upholstery needs!

If you're into this sort of thing, that's cool.  If you're a diehard Pearl Jam fan, you should know a few things.  You're not buying a one-of-a-kind Ed collectible.  It appears as though his artwork will be transferred to fabric and made into a hotpad that is reproduced for all subscribers.  There also doesn't appear to be a charity attached, which I immediately assumed there would be.  At any rate, $10 for cool art ain't a bad deal, and I've paid more than $120 to hang things on my wall.

I wonder what the next Ten Club contest will be.