Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to The NEW Sky I Scrape dot Com!

We've been laboring day and night to bring you a new site with some greatly-enhanced, social-networky, web 2.0 stuff.  We hope you'll find some things that make it worth sticking around.  We are going to keep giving you great, cutting-edge Pearl Jam news, but let me show you what's new.

  • Your key links are at the top: Red Mosquito Forum, our favorite Pearl Jam links, and of course, the Donate button in case you want to fund the cause.
  • Over there on the right, you'll find another link to Red Mosquito Forum (let's be honest, without that forum, we wouldn't have half the news that we bring you).  There are also button for our RSS feed, Twitter account, and our new Facebook page.
  • What?  New Facebook page?  Yeah, we hope everyone has enjoyed the Red Mosquito Group on Facebook, but we created our own page so that you can get your Pearl Jam news fix via Facebook too.  Our blog, forum, and Twitter, might not have been getting it down for you.
  • We've also got that nice, yellow button in case you'd like to pop out Gremmie Radio and rock out.
  • Every post also has some goodies at the bottom.  Tags will help you find similar news items, and "quick share" buttons will let you toss our shit all over the Internet via Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Though some changes were made to make our job easier, we hope that they also make your experience more enjoyable as well.  Let us know what you think, either here in the comments, or on the forum.

Keep Jammin'!

P.S. I'm still working on moving blog posts from 2009, and I'll have to clean up some links.  If you notice dead links, don't worry ... I'll get to 'em.