Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Official LOXL Release Party

The Ten Club has announced that the Feedback Lounge will be hosting the "official" West Seattle Live on Ten Legs release party.  That's an odd way to word it.  Should we expect an appearance from Wes C. Addle?  Probably not, but DO expect Easy Street Records to be there with giveaways.

The Feedback Lounge is graciously hosting the "official" West Seattle LO10L release party.  Join the Ten Club, Easy Street Records and Feedback Lounge on Monday, January 17th, time TBD.  Stop in to hear the record as well as hang out with like-minded folks.  Easy Street will be there slinging CDs and LPs, 10C will be on hand to sling some goodies and the fine folks at the Feedback will be slinging the hash and the swill.  It will be a grand time.  There might even be a prize or two.