Monday, January 24, 2011

Sirius News: 1/19/2011

Sorry for the delay, the recording of last week's show took a while to find its way to the Interwebz.  On this week's episode of All Encompassing Trip, Tim and The Rob hosted Brett Eliason.  What'd we learn?

  • Live on Ten Legs was mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI, who creates two masters, one for vinyl and one for CD.  Those of you complaining about the digital master used for Backspacer's vinyl version will be very happy to hear that.
  • Eliason has tried to resist the current trend to mix albums as loudly as possible.  He likes his mixes to have variation, but his product does have to stand up to other modern products.  In the end, he hopes fans are successful at resisting the "louder is better" trend.
  • Eliason has been recording shows since 1993, though he doesn't necessarily have every show.  He, the Ten Club, and the band are always looking at what can be modernized or released, but Tim B. did note that sometimes management limits the ideas put before the band so their excitement level always stays high for anything that is released.
  • The much hated loss of Rockin' in the Free World and Sonic Reducer from the Drop in the Park vinyl was attributed to space.  Adding those shows would have required a second disc and driven up the price of the reissue.
  • There were no official 2007 bootlegs because Ten Club/Basecamp hadn't realized the demand for shows that had been created at that point.
  • The Rob and Tim B. are talking to Sirius Radio about ways to expand Pearl Jam Radio and feature more guest DJs.

If you missed it, Gremmie.Net archives AET for your on-demand enjoyment.