Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jeff Ament Talks LOXL

Pearl Jam - 6.25.10 - London

Thanks to our forum for spotting this Explore Music feature where Jeff Ament takes 30-60 seconds to tell a quick story about most tracks on Live on Ten Legs.  If this doesn't get you excited about next week's release date, nothing will.  Here are some highlights:

ARMS ALOFT - "Ed brought Arms Aloft to the band and it was after a period of time where we were talking about Joe a lot and reminiscing about the missed opportunity of him coming out and playing shows for us, which was going to happen about a month after he died (December 2002). That song is all about being at a festival and we were playing a lot of festivals last year in Europe last year, so that song was a perfect song to bust out at those festivals."

WORLD WIDE SUICDE -  "World Wide Suicide was written by Ed. That song was an opener for us, originally on this record it was going to be the opener mainly because we come out and bash the guitars around a little bit and get some feedback's a great rhythm track in that song and really representative of where we were at three or four years ago and it's been ten years since we've put out a compilated live record like this, so it's a good representation of the Avocado record".

ANIMAL -  "Yeah, that verse riff was a Stone riff that he brought in and that was one of the four or five really super aggressive songs on the Vs record. It's always a super fun song to play live and we were trying to load up the front of this record with some good energy so that fits right in there."

GOT SOME -  "I brought in a pretty complete demo of that song, it's been a good song live because it has such a great lyric and it's a lyric the audience can sing along's a music-is-medicine lyric, so it's a fun one and it's over before you know it."

Look a short discussion on how setlists are made, a brief guest appearance by another band member, and the news that some demos for album #10 have been cut and may be fleshed out further in the spring!