Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On a Side Note: Brad on World Cafe

Brad was featured on NPR's World Cafe today.  You can listen to the broadcast here, it features an interview as well as performances of Low, Believe In Yourself, and Buttercup.

Officially forming in 1992, the Seattle band Brad has been in and out of the picture for years. With members Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Shawn Smith (Pigeonhed and Satchel), Regan Hagar (Satchel and Malfunkshun) and Jeremy Toback working with multiple bands and side projects at once, it's been difficult for Brad to survive the tumult. But no matter how long the hiatuses last, Brad always seems to gravitate back together and work on new material.
The group admits that its newest album Best Friends? is more delicate than past records. Though the original songs on the album were recorded back in 2003, the band spent the past several years discovering its new sound and building on what already existed.