Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jeff Speaks with Trail 103.3

Pearl Jam - 08.23.09 - Chicago

Jeff sat down with A-Train on Missoula's Trail 103.3 last night for an awesome, intimate, 30-minute interview.  You can listen to the full interview on the 103.3 website.  He mentioned his upcoming side project, Trace Mountain, with Doug Pennick of Kings X and Richard Stuverud of the Fastbacks, War Babies, and [former Ament and McCready band] Luv Co.  This project has apparently been in the works for 7 years, as evidenced by this old Foundry Music article, Jeff expects a release for March.  Pennick says to expect a "southern rock/classic rock" sound.

Among other things we learned:
  • Pearl Jam may tack a fall tour onto that "festival/not festival event" we keep hearing so much about.  Thanks, GrungeReport, for transcribing this quote.
“I think Kelly [Curtis, manager] might have let that one out of the bag.  I think if anybody in the band had talked about that we might have gotten our wrist slapped a little bit.  I think the cart is maybe ahead of the horse on that one.  We’ve been working on trying to do something like this for a few years but it’s still in the infancy stage.  I think we’re going to do some shows this fall, not really sure where we’re going to do the shows but I think we’d like to include at least kind of the first version of what this festival could be like.  I think we’re going to try to include that in with that group of shows.  But it’s a full on work in progress right now there’s lots of hurdles to get over at this point to get it right.  I think we want it to be semi right before we do it.”
  • Jeff's hopes to release a second solo album when his schedule opens up and lets him work on the new set of songs that he has in his pocket.
  • Jeff hopes to open one skate park a year in whatever Montana towns may have him.
  • Not so much "news," but Jeff also talked about the Vs. cover, band relations, and Ed's work as a solo artist.